Friday, July 13, 2007

Sony Sues DRM-Maker Over Rootkit Lawsuit Payouts

From Michael Geist:

Sony Sues DRM-Maker Over Rootkit Lawsuit Payouts

"Sony BMG is suing a firm that designed controversial anti-piracy software used on CDs sold by the label.

Sony BMG filed papers in a New York state court seeking $12m in damages from the Arizona-based Amergence Group.

It says Amergence's Mediamax software landed it with a $5.75m (£2.83m) bill for compensation after users reported problems with their computers.

Amergence disputes the claims and blames another company's software for the problems."

Interpol Chief Wants Databases To Track Criminals

"The head of Interpol believes terrorists and other criminals are traveling freely around the globe in ways that police agencies find difficult to track, but he says he knows how to cripple their movements.

Interpol Secretary General Ronald Noble on Wednesday suggested two solutions: first, airlines should forward passenger data on international flights to Interpol; and second, nations that arrest foreign visitors should share those fingerprints with the international police agency as well. "

So even if the head of Interpol knows about policing, he doesn't seem to know anythig about large centralised databases.

BBC To Hear Open Source Concerns Over Iplayer

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