Saturday, December 19, 2015

Deadline for submitting evidence to IP Bill Joint Committee imminent

With the deadline for submitting evidence to the Draft Investigatory Powers Bill Joint Committee looming on Monday, it's worth considering Privacy International's short video (3m54s) explaining what communications surveillance is and why they are calling for an end to mass communications surveillance.

The Committee's call for evidence is available here. Given this is probably the single most important piece of legislation in a generation, I would urge anyone with a few spare moments, who has not yet done so, to express their opinion on the Bill.

The following conditions attach to providing written evidence to the committee:
"Evidence which is accepted by the Committee may be published online at any stage; when it is so published it becomes subject to parliamentary copyright and is protected by parliamentary privilege. Submissions which have been previously published will not be accepted as evidence. Once you have received acknowledgement that the evidence has been accepted you will receive a further email, and at this point you may publicise or publish your evidence yourself. In doing so you must indicate that it was prepared for the Committee, and you should be aware that your publication or re-publication of your evidence may not be protected by parliamentary privilege"
I sent in a submission yesterday evening and will publish it here in due course.