Friday, August 29, 2014

Workshops on key economic issues wrt IPR enforcement in EU

The European Commission is holding a series of workshops on the economics of IPR enforcement.

I've been invited to attend the first of these scheduled for 19 September at Directorate General for Internal Market and Services in Brussels. The focus of this first session is -
"the question whether the concept of 'commercial scale' or 'commercial purpose' provide useful guidance in IPR infringement cases from an economic perspective and whether there are economic concepts that could be used to make the concept more precise and operational."
Additionally the EC is interested in  how best to design this workshop series
"and to learn about your views regarding IPR enforcement issues that should be addressed in future workshops"
My views on the need for evidence based intellectual property policy across the whole IPR landscape are familiar to readers of this blog but I'm happy to consider any comments, suggestions or views on the issues anyone would like to send me in advance of the workshop.