Friday, October 29, 2010

Ofcom FOI on BBC Internal review ongoing

Mauzima Bhamji at Ofcom has written to explain that their internal review relating to my freedom of information request on the BBC & Freeview DRM decision is ongoing.  S/he hopes to be able to provide a substantive response by 23 November.
"Dear Mr Corrigan

Freedom of Information: Internal review (Content management on the HD
Freeview platform)

Thank you for your email dated 28 September to Ofcom asking for a review
of Ofcom's decision in relation to your request for information.

On 29 September I wrote to you stating that the "review will be conducted
under the supervision of the Secretary to the Corporation. While there is
no statutory deadline for completing internal reviews, we aim to respond
within 20 working days".

We are currently undertaking the review of our decision that you
requested. As we do not have all the information in order to make a
decision, Ofcom is still not in a position to reply to your request for a
review. It is therefore necessary to extend the date for responding to
you. I hope to be in a position to respond to you by 23 November 2010.

Yours sincerely

Mauzima Bhamji"