Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Health committee hearing

The video of the House of Commons Health Committee hearing (on 25/2/14 in Committee Room 15) on the NHS scheme is embedded below.

The witnesses at the first session, Phil Booth, Co-ordinator, medConfidential, Nick Pickles, Director, Big Brother Watch, Sharmila Nebhrajani, Chief Executive, Association of Medical Research Charities, Professor Peter Weissberg, Medical Director, British Heart Foundation, and Dr Chand Nagpaul, Chair, British Medical Association General Practitioners Committee, make a whole host of valid points.

The witnesses at the second session, Dr Daniel Poulter MP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Department of Health, Tim Kelsey, National Director for Patients and Information, NHS England, and Max Jones, Director of Information and Data Services, Health and Social Care Information Centre, don't inspire confidence.

Glyn Wintle's and Ben Goldacre's Twitter streams on the day are a good place to start until the transcript is made available.

Ben's for entertainment value as well as insight...