Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Glenn Greenwald testimony at EP Inquiry on mass surveillance

Glenn Greenwald testified this morning at the EU parliament LIBE committee hearing on mass electronic surveillance. Copy of the recorded session below.

It's worth viewing in full if you can find a spare 90 minutes (otherwise wait for the transcript). If you can't last the full 90, there is a 7 minute video of extracts from Mr Greenwald's statement -

Mr Greenwald subsequently took exception to the misrepresentation of his evidence on twitter by conservative MP Julian Smith.

Video of the full morning session, including evidence from security specialists Christopher Soghoian of the ACLU, Christian Horcher, Prof Bart Preneel of the University KU Leuven in Belgium and Stephan Lechne of the IPSC (one of the seven institutes of the European Commission's Joint Research Centre) will be available shortly.

Update: Christopher Soghoian's written testimony has been made available by the ACLU.