Wednesday, May 01, 2024

Reply from MP on Investigatory Powers (Amendment) Bill

 I got a response from my MP, Layla Moran, relating to concerns about the Investigatory Powers Amendment Bill, now Investigatory Powers (Amendment) Act 2024. It's boilerplate generic which, given Ms Moran's personal concerns on the terrible circumstances in Gaza, is understandable.

"Dear Ray 

Thank you for writing to me about the Investigatory Powers Bill.

In a changing world we rely on our intelligence services to help keep us safe. And we need a police force (National Crime Agency) that can cope with the internationalisation of crime. Liberal Democrats support the services that seek to do this.

These vital tasks have to be balanced against the freedoms and liberties at the heart of our country’s values. Every new power must be weighed in that balance.

Liberal Democrats are concerned about how these changes could undermine the privacy of everyone.

We have particular concerns about reductions in judicial scrutiny, and the possible use of available medical, genetic and legally privileged data.

For all its powers our police and security services need resources to take on the multinational cartels that prey on our people and threaten national security. Liberal Democrats will continue to push for resources to target these threats to our way of life.

Thanks again for writing to me about this incredibly important issue.

Best wishes, 


Layla Moran
Liberal Democrat Member of Parliament for Oxford West & Abingdon