Friday, January 06, 2006

Lambert Model Agreements

From the UK Patent Office

"The Lambert Model Agreements Toolkit was launched on 21 February 2005 as a tool to facilitate negotiations between universities and companies that wish to collaborate together. Such potential collaborators need to get to grips quickly and effectively with issues around the ownership and exploitation of any intellectual property rights generated by the project and how this inter-relates to issues such as the financial contribution from the business, and the publication rights for the university...

The Lambert Working Group on Intellectual Property which developed the Lambert Model Agreements Toolkit agreed to meet 12 months after the launch to review how well knowledge and use of the Toolkit had progressed in that time. This review meeting will take place in February 2006 and the Working Group wishes to obtain as much feedback as possible from users of the Toolkit regarding what has worked well, what has worked not so well and where improvements, if any, should be made."

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