Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The Children Act - a professional's concerns

William Heath has been in touch with a child care professional over his views on the requirements of the Children Act and children database.

"The points I'm trying to make are that, by virtue of constant repetition, we are coming to accept that it is perfectly natural that all children should be monitored by government, and that 'professionals' should talk amongst themselves to decide what children need.

This is quite a shift! In the past, we have accepted that parents look after their children and consult professionals when they need the help of public services. The only exception to this has been in cases of abuse and neglect. What we are now seeing is a a potential reversal of the roles of parent and public servant...

This whole monitoring agenda is a very subtle and powerful means of shaping future society when we haven't had any discussion of what that society should be. Unfortunately the govt is using 'child protection' just like an 'invincibility' cheat on a computer game, so that if anyone tries to start a rational debate, we get rabble-rousing cr*p about paedophiles, child protection and Victoria Climbie.

I don't think Richard Thomas was taken seriously enough when he used the expression 'sleep-walking into a surveillance society'. Where our children are concerned, we really *are*."

Genuine concerns worthy of genuine informed public debate.

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