Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Slime mould

Spy blog is less than enamoured with the latest anti terror legislation.

"Hansard and the Parliament's website seem to have found it impossible to keep up to date with the slime mould that is the legislative progress of the Prevention of Terrorism Bill.

We suspect that almost nobody actually completely understands exactly what the House of Commons and the House of Lords have actually been voting for or against...

Passing this Bad Legislation, even in this amended form, is wrong, and will simply cause injustices which will be exploited by terrorist recruiters, without actually making us any safer.

The Nu Labour Government seems to be more concerned with pretending to be "tough" on terrorism, and trying to pretend that its opponents are somehow "weak" on the issue, ahead of the forthcoming General Election. Surely this is too transparent a political ploy to influence the Electorate?"

I wondered about the excessive focus on PR a couple of days ago.

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