Friday, March 11, 2005

Principles for the Internet in the age of terrorism

Cory on Dan Gillmor's working group on terrorism and the Net at the Madrid summit.

"In Madrid, they're honoring the anniversary of the March 11 train-bombing with a summit on Democracy, Security and Terrorism. Dan Gillmor is there, in a working group on terrorism and the Internet, and they've drafted a fantastic set prinxiples for the Internet in the age of terrorism, click the link for the whole thing and a message-board where you can discuss it.

I. The Internet is a foundation of democratic society in the 21st century, because the core values of the Internet and democracy are so closely aligned.

1. The Internet is fundamentally about openness, participation, and freedom of expression for all -- increasing the diversity and reach of information and ideas.

2. The Internet allows people to communicate and collaborate across borders and belief systems.

3. The Internet unites families and cultures in diaspora; it connects people, helping them to form civil societies.

4. The Internet can foster economic development by connecting people to information and markets.

5. The Internet introduces new ideas and views to those who may be isolated and prone to political violence.

6. The Internet is neither above nor below the law. The same legal principles that apply in the physical world also apply to human activities conducted over the Internet.


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