Monday, September 27, 2010

Freedom of information request on BBC DRM: No Ofcom response yet

The statutory deadline for Ofcom to produce a response to my freedom of information request on BBC and freeview DRM was last Thursday, 24th of September.  As of yet I have recieved no response or even acknowledgement.  So on Saturday, 26th September I sent them a reminder.
Dear Office of Communications,

On the 26th of August I made a freedom of information request for
full and complete copies of all the BBC, ITV and Channel 4
communications with Ofcom relating to the Ofcom consultation
'Content management on the HD Freeview platform'.

I understand by law that I should have received a response promptly
or at the latest within 20 working days, which in this case would
have been the 24th September.

I'm contacting you as a reminder today that I have not yet received
a response to my request.

Yours faithfully,

Ray Corrigan
Update: I've just had a response.  More when I've had the chance to review it.

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