Thursday, June 25, 2009

Apple v PsyStar heading back to court

From CNet news:
"Apple wanted Psystar back in court, and now it's going to happen.

An automatic stay of proceedings imposed when Psystar filed for bankruptcy in May has been lifted by the court, according court documents shared with CNET News.

Judge Robert A. Mark, who serves the Southern District of Florida U.S. Bankruptcy Court, lifted the stay on Friday, opening the door for Apple to continue its copyright infringement case against the company."

Regular readers will recall the source of the dispute which I mentioned some months back.
"Apple had originally sued PsyStar for using and selling the OS X Operating System (“Mac OS”) in clone machines. The judge, Hon. William Alsup, then threw out PsyStar's antitrust claims against Apple in response to the original lawsuit (see Justia for the details). So PsyStar came up with the rather clever copyright misuse argument - 'we bought the Mac OS from Apple and they're saying we can't play with it unless we buy their hardware to use with it too.'"

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