Friday, June 26, 2009

3 strikes resurrected by French government

The French government are not giving up on their three stikes agenda even after having it ruled unconstitutional by the Constitutional Council.
"The "three-strikes" saga continues in France following the Constitutional Council's recent decision canceling the sanction side of the bill (, June 10), with the government attempting to find a way around the legal ruling.

While the educational part of the bill, which allows the administrative authority Hadopi to issue warnings to infringers, had been passed into law, a short new bill on the sanction side of the anti-piracy system has now been approved by government ministers to be introduced as legislation.

The French government had wanted Hadopi to be able to cut off repeat offenders after two warnings. With the Constitutional council having stressed that only a judge can rule on such terminations of Internet access, the new bill intends to simplify procedures to avoid French courts, which would slow the sanction process."

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