Wednesday, June 07, 2006

BPI call on Apple to make iTunes compatible

The BPI chairman, Peter Jamieson, has called on Apple to make their iTunes service compatible with other manufacturers' technologies. Good for him!

Apple, hugely dominant in music download sales at the moment, will be a minor player in the market in five to ten years if Apple continue to employ proprietary drm.

Update: Cory reports that the "Norwegian ombudsman has come out in support of the Norwegian Consumer Council's complaints against iTunes and other DRM-based entertainment services. The Consumer Council complained that the iTunes pricing was discriminatory, its terms were unreasonable and its DRM was too restrictive. This is moving Norway closer to regulatory limits on the way that Apple and other DRM companies can do use the legal protections that DRM enjoys to lock users into unfair, one-sided transactions. Norway's Thomas Rieber-Mohn says that similar decisions are expected soon in Sweden and Denmark."

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