Friday, January 20, 2006

Radio series about the Commons

There is a series of interesting radio shows, A World of Possibilities, which has been airing in the US about the commons and wealth. It's produced by the Mainstream Media Project, " a nonprofit public education and strategic communications organization that uses the mainstream broadcast media to raise public awareness about new approaches to longstanding societal problems."

The specific programs are called:

What is Wealth? Passing on the Gift, where Bill Gates Snr says there is no such thing as a self made man - the wealth of millionaires is not generated in a personal vacuum but with the help of lots of people, groups, communities, and yes even government.

Richer Than We Know: Reclaiming Our Natural Inheritance covers commons resources like air and water, parks and roads etc that most of us take for granted.

Who Owns This Place Anyway?
looks at the interdependance of commons and markets.


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