Thursday, January 19, 2006

EDRI-gram survives

Good news from EDRI-gram

"The campaign for support for EDRI-gram has been very successful. After an urgency call for pledges in the last 2005 issue of EDRI-gram, kind donators have pledged a little over 2.000 euro in support. On top of that, the Open Society Institute (Soros) kindly offered a donation of 1.500 euro. Combined with the 4.000 euro scraped together by EDRI itself, EDRI is pleased to announce the survival of EDRI-gram in 2006. The new editor, Bogdan Manolea from EDRI-member APTI in Romania, has agreed to produce 24 editions in 2006."

And with that good news comes the latest edition, full as usual with important stories on digital rights issues. Notable is the pointer to Privacy International's report "Threatening the Open Society: Comparing Anti-terror Policies and Strategies in the U.S. and Europe" published just last month.

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