Thursday, January 12, 2006

Howard Knoff

Canadian lawyer, Howard Knoff, has started a blog, Excess Copyright.

"Copyright is good. Excess in copyright is not. There are many parties in the copyright construct. All of them must avoid excess in order for copyright to be sustainable. This blog will explore when success is excess."

One of his early posts is about prominent Canadian historian, Jack Granatstein's foray into copyright activism. He includes a copy of an email from Prof Granatstein outlining his dislike for the copyright bill proposed in the Canadian parliament

" I wear 2 hats: creator and researcher/teacher. As a creator, I want to be paid for my work. As a researcher/teacher, I want free access to archival materials and as much free access as I (and all teachers and students) can get to published or www material. The bill did not achieve a balance that met my concerns, and thus I opposed it."

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