Friday, January 13, 2006

Encouraging blawgers

The Law Gazette has some advice from experienced blawgers for lawyers logging onto blogging. A sample

Geeklawyer: "Blogs are a great way of getting initial exposure to potential clients, much more so than conventional directories. The value proposition is in the content of the blog – if it is well done you can build a sort of virtual relationship that yields results, particularly where the client respects your competence and your personality."

Ernie the Attorney: "Read lots of different types of lawyer blogs and figure out what appeals to you, and what kind of blog you would like to have. Be clear who your intended readership is, and don’t be afraid to express an opinion – something which lawyers often try to avoid."

Lilian Edwards: "If it’s going to be a flagship for the firm, put real resources behind it. If it’s going to be about your passion for patent law, then fine. But if you’re starting it cynically as a marketing tool, I’d pay someone to do it – a bright trainee even – because you just won’t find the time."

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