Sunday, June 01, 2003

DMCA supporters will have been cheered by the news that a Hawaiian district court says that the DMCA gives copyright holders the right to shut down university or ISP servers without proof that they are infringing on copyrights. Michael J.Rossi dba vs. Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) et al.

Alex Macgillivray: of bricoleur was at the DVDCCA v Bunner hearing at the California Supreme court last week about Bunner's alleged violation of trade secrets in 'distributing' the DeCSS DVD decoder software. Some interesting comments. As Edward Felten said "I have never understood why the industry's basic trade secret argument wasn't laughed out of court." How can it be a trade secret anymore when the code has been freely available for so long? They're not even using the DMCA here, even though hard evidence of DeCSS being used in copyright infringement is still not forthcoming as far as I know.

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