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7th Gikii 2012 - call for papers

Lilian Edwards and Daithí Mac Síthigh tell me that the 7th Gikii workshop is scheduled 16 & 17 September at UEA London. 
7th Gikii 2012 - call for papers!!
Call for Papers: 7th Gikii Workshop, 17-18 September 2012
UEA London
102 Middlesex Street

It’s harder than it used to be to write a Call for Papers for GikII, the so-cool-it-hurts blue skies workshop for papers exploring the interstices between law, technology and popular culture. Back in the day,  you could dazzle the noobs just by mentioning past glories like the first paper on Facebook and privacy, Harry Potter and the Surveillance of Doom, regulation of autonomous agents according to the Roman law of slavery, edible technologies and copyright in Dalek knitting patterns. But nowadays we live in a world where we routinely encounter unmanned surveillance drones used to deliver tacos or made out of cats ,  commercial asteroid mining with Richard Branson, 3d printers used to create human organs and the fact that Jeremy Hunt still has a job. 
Still, if any of these or the other many phenomena of the digital age in desperate need of legal attention are digging a tunnel out of your brain, then send us an abstract for the 7th Gikii workshop!  Maybe this year it will be your paper which contributes the seminal GikII meme following in the honoured footsteps of LOLcats, flying penises, and knitted Daleks.
Gikii has run since 2006 in venues such as Edinburgh, Oxford, London, Amsterdam and Gothenberg with attendees coming from Europe, the US, Canada, Australia, Japan, India and Latin America. There is no conference fee, but attendees may be asked to contribute to the conference dinner on 17th September. If desired, we can suggest London accommodation ranging from cheap to more expensive.  This year’s Gikii is run with the kind assistance of the Law School, University of East Anglia at their London centre, and will commence at lunchtime Sep 17th running through to end September 18th.  These dates also offer an opportunity to combine GikII with the 7th SCL Policy Forum (details at ) in what has been termed the “week of geek”.
Abstracts of no longer than 500 words should be sent to and "Karen Mc Cullagh (LAW)"  by August 13th 2012. Acceptances will be announced shortly thereafter. A limited number of places will be available for participants not giving papers, and preference will be given for these to scholars (including postgraduate students) who have not previously attended GikII. Registration for these places will open at when acceptance of abstracts is notified.
Gikii is one of my favorite conferences. Always thought provoking, friendly and enjoyable. And you get to talk about anything -  my own (fairly staid by Gikii standards!) back catalogue includes Maxwell's demon and the internet, the battle of the book, airborne minefields and Fighter Command's information system, a Wilson-Boyle plan to save the public domain, teaching algebra with tiddlywinks, going OER without permission.

Other much more interesting stuff from Gikii:

Chris Lever, "Netizen Kane"
Daithi Macsithigh, "What We Talk About When We Talk About Google"
Dinusha Mendis, "If Music be the food of Twitter - then tweet on, tweet on"
Judith Rauhofer, "The Rainbow Connection - of geeks, trolls and muppets"
Martin Jones, "Human! We used to be exactly like them"
Miranda Mowbray, "What the Moai know about Cloud Computing: Stone-age Polynesian technology and the hottest trend in computing today"
Nicola Osborne, "Dammit! I'm a Tech (the "Services" or "Site") Punter (the "User" or "Member") not a Lawyer!"
Trevor Callghan, "GOOGLE WANT FREND!"
Andres Guadamuz. "Luddism 2.0"
Bernt Hugenholz, The Googlification of Copyright. The GBS and its Consequences for Europe
Burkhard Schafer, ZombAIs and family law: technology beyond the grave
F.E. Guerra-Pujol,  Blade Runner, Time Scarcity and the Optimal Lifespan of Robots and Clones'
Judith Rauhofer,  “Get out of my head, bloodsucker! Notions of surveillance in the vampire mind” 
Lillian Edwards, Death 2.0
TJ McIntyre, Won't somebody please think of the children!?
Alana Maurushat, Proxy and the Enchanted Shield:  Copyright and Computer Security
Miranda Mowbray,  The Fog over the Grimpen Mire: Cloud Computing Services and the Law
Peter Yu,  Legal Transplants in the Digital Age
Lilian Edwards, Ian Brown, Chris Marsden, "Cybersalking 2.0"
Andrea Matwyshwn, Black Collar Crime Daithi Mac Sithigh, "I’m in ur tube blocking ur internets: The Politics, Perception and Parody of Network Neutrality Legislation" Burkhard Shafer Wiebke Abel, and Gerald Schaefer, "An Officer and a Gentleman: Teaching Autonomous Agents the Laws of Armed Warfare"

I could go on but it's time to tune into ACTA vote at the European Parliament. On Gikii 7 - make it if you can!

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