Monday, May 28, 2012

The universality of organisational stupidity

1.   Knowledge = Power [sic]

2.   Time = Money [sic ditto]

3.   Power = Work/Time [Science]

Substitute 1. into 3. to give:

4.   Knowledge = Work/Time

Substituting 2. into 4. demonstrates:

5.    Knowledge = Work/Money

Re-arranging 5. leads to the conclusion that

6.     Money = Work/Knowledge

Hence we derive and/or demonstrate the universal nature of organisational stupidity. I was thinking of using this in opening my book on the convergent evolution towards insanity of large organisations.  But insanity, at least in a legal sense, is to do with a person's capacity to be responsible for their actions in the context of a loss of contact with reality. Stupidity is a feature of the insanity of large organisations but I'm wondering if it is a sufficiently important feature or emergent property of the insanity to merit inclusion in the introduction? Answers on a postcard (or electronic equivalent) please...

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