Friday, April 15, 2011

Briefing on open Internet for DEAPPG

Skype's briefing for the Digital Economy All Parliamentary Group on preserving the open and neutral character of the internet is available at Sribd.

Imagine not being able to use a microwave – just because your electricity supplier does notallow microwaves (they compete with another part of their business, apparently). Imagine having to pay extra for water when the water supplier detects that it is used to make coffee.Imagine not being able to do a video call with your newborn grandson in Australia or Canada– just because your Internet provider does not allow the use of Voice over IP (they compete with another part of their business, apparently). Ridiculous? Not really. Restrictions to whatUK Internet users can or cannot do with their broadband connections are commonplace today.The implementation into UK law of the revised EU rules on telecommunications will soon start, and includes new provisions on the question, designed to protect ‘net neutrality and netfreedoms’ according to the European Commission. How will or should the UK implementthose rules? The UK Minister of Communications Ed Vaizey MP’s call for self-regulatory guidelines to protect the open Internet, including a non-discrimination principle, seems a good way forward. But such guidelines need to be implemented, meaningfully and properly,without delay, and supervised by the regulator and Government in the knowledge that should abuse persist, the full extent of regulatory powers will be deployed in order to genuinely protect the open nature of the Internet.
Well said.  I hope the DEAPPG are reading and inwardly digesting in full. Highly recommended.

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