Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Seeley Brown on new learners in the 21st century

KCTS 9 has a lovely short video (8 minutes) of John Seeley Brown talking about learners in the 21st century.  He speaks about passionate communities of practice - whether that is elite surfers (his neighbour is a 20 year old world class surfer) or computer gamers.  Once a kid becomes engaged with something, whatever the subject matter or skill, one of the key issues can be to find and join the community.  Then,
"...learning isn't something you do consciously, it's something you absorb... most serious learning often happens through as osmosis process... once I dwell on the set of experiences things are getting integrated into my head, not necessarily consciously because there's a tremendous amount of tacit knowledge that I'm being exposed to in these communities..."

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