Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Prompting Ofcom re BBC HD DRM freedom of information request

I'm still waiting to hear from Ofcom on their internal review of my freedom of information request regarding DRM on HD Freeview signal.  On 29 October Mauzima Bhamji at Ofcom wrote to explain that they hoped to be able to provide a substantive response by 23 November. Nothing has been forthcoming so far, so I've just sent a prompt this morning.
To: Information Requests
Subject: Re: Internal Review - 1-158150870 - Content management on the HD Freeview platform
Dear Ms Bhamji,

Freedom of Information: Right to know request 1-155429914

I'm writing to check on the status of the Ofcom internal review of
my freedom of information request relating to content management on
the HD Freeview platform. Your note of 28 October 2010 suggested
you hoped to be in a position to respond on the issue by 23
November 2010.

I do understand that Ofcom staff are under considerable pressure at
the moment and don't wish to add unnecessarily to that but your
early attention to this overdue response would be appreciated.

Yours sincerely,

Ray Corrigan

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