Friday, September 03, 2010

Robert Fisk on Tony Blair

I've been avoiding the UK press for the past few days because of the obsessive focus on the former prime minister, Tony Blair. But Robert Fisk's seething piece, Blair should take responsibility for Iraq. But he won't. He can't, in today's Independent is worth a read.
"Has this wretched man learned nothing? On and on, it went during his BBC interview...
Yes, "people" disagreed about the war. "People always want to look for a conspiracy." And – my favourite – "this debate will go on." But it's not a bloody debate – it's a bloody, blood-soaked disaster, for which Blair should take responsibility. But he won't. He can't...
It was the old story. Blair wasn't as bad as Saddam. And Blair's nicer than Hitler, more sympathetic than Stalin, kinder than Genghis Khan. Nope. This whole mess had nothing to do with Lord Blair. "You have to have the courage to do what you think is right." But "thinking" is not good enough. I hope the air-raid sirens in Isfahan are in good working order."
I just hope Fisk is wrong about 'this wretched man' having a significant influence in future over potential military adventures involving Iran.

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