Monday, November 16, 2009

I missed this from Phillip Virgo in Computer Weekly last week.  Thanks to Andrew Watson via FIPR for the pointer.
""The still calm voice that drives the strongest of men to panic". Today the Audit Commission  launched a discussion paper "Nothing but the Truth" to start "a discussion on how to ensure that data on local public services is fit for purpose". Read it. Think. Then be afraid. Because some of the data on the files of central government is much worse.

The paper raises profound issues regarding the quality of information used by Central and Local government for policy formation and resource allocationlet alone decisions affecting the lives, livelihoods, health, welfare and freedom of individuals.

The reasons why the base data is so bad include widespread and long-standing ignorance of the basic disciplines of information management not only across public and private sector but also among those selling "solutions" to them."

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