Saturday, October 10, 2009

ContactPoint propaganda home from school

My son came home from school with a copy of the ContactPoint promotional leaflet yesterday.  He had read the leaflet by the time he gave it to me today and explained that it's 'supposed' to make it quicker and more efficient to help children.  I told him what a bad idea it was and why; and even at 11 years old he was flabbergasted that the govenrment seem to believe they can keep kids safe by putting all their personal details on a database to which a third to a half a million people have access to as a routine part of their job.
"They just can't be that stupid dad?!"
When I also explained that the details of the children of prominent politicians and celebrities would be kept off the database he was more than a little indignant.
"Well I suppose they have a point in one way, dad. Lots of people are interested in those people and their families but if it is not safe for them how can it be safe for the rest of us?!!!"
 I couldn't have put it better myself. In fact I'd have been significantly less polite.

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