Thursday, September 24, 2009

U.S.-EU IPR Enforcement Working Group

From TACD:
"A meeting of the EU-U.S. IPR Enforcement Working Group  took place today September 23, 2009 in Washington,DC.  The TransAtlantic Consumer Dialogue (TACD) and the TransAtlantic Business Dialogue were both invited to the event entitled ” IPR Enforcement Working Group – Meeting with Private Sector.”  Below are a few highlights from the meeting, comprehensive notes of the meeting will follow.
The meeting was well-attended with about eighty participants including industry representatives, government officials, and just four non-profit representatives.  Susan Wilson (US Dept. of Commerce) and Luc Devigne (EU Commission) were the co-chairs of the meeting. In addition, Stan McCoy and Jennifer Groves of USTR and other EU officials also presented their viewpoints.  The U.S. and EU government representatives reported on various IPR enforcement related activities and answered questions.
Susan Wilson in her introduction stated the IPR Enforcement Working Group’s objectives were:
- To promote enforcement
- To fight piracy and counterfeits
- To promote public & private partnerships on piracy and counterfeits
A copy of the meeting agenda is here."

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