Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Jammie Thomas appeals again

Unsurprisingly Jammie Thomas, who saw jury damages for copyright infringement via KaZaa increased from $9250 per song to $80,000 per song on appeal, has decided to further appeal the latest award against her.
"Jammie Thomas-Rasset, the Minnesota woman found liable for willful copyright infringement of 24 songs last month, has asked a federal court for a new trial or a reduction in the amount of the $1.92 million damages she was ordered to pay.

Thomas-Rasset, who a jury found liable for willful copyright infringement, asked the court Monday to either alter or amend the judgment, remove or change the award of statutory damages to the minimum, or give her a new trial."
Update: I should of course have noted as Fernando does that "the claimants specialists could only link 11 songs to the defendant’s computer, so the actual tag is not U$S80,000 per song as the jury decided but U$S174,545.45 per song (for the other 13 songs even the claimant’s specialists recognized that they couldn’t probe that they had been actually shared)."

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