Friday, April 24, 2009

Rice and UK may be implicated in released torture memos

The Times is reporting that:
"A week has passed since President Obama set a train in motion with the publication of secret memos to justify harsh interrogations by the CIA, and the White House appears to have lost control over its ultimate destination.

Fresh disclosures of declassified documents on Wednesday implicated a dozen senior officials in the Bush Administration, including Condoleezza Rice, as having approved techniques such as waterboarding — simulated drowning widely regarded as torture — on terrorist suspects."

and on the flawed decision making process that led to the Bush administration's authorisation of torture. In addition the paper suggests that the UK Foreign Secretary's efforts to withhold documents that allegedly constitute evidence of the UK's complicity in the torture of former Gunatanamo Bay detainee, Binyam Mohamed, are weakened by President Obama's release of the US torture memos.

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