Thursday, March 05, 2009

Sarkozy to be sued for copyright infringement

For a man to has expended so much rhetoric on the need to extend copyright laws to protect rights holders from the hordes of unwashed on the internet and who was so instrumental in pushing through France's three strikes law, it is somewhat ironic to find Nicolas Sarkozy may well find himself at the wrong end of a copyright suit.
"French President Nicolas Sarkozy may be a law-and-order type of guy, but he may have run afoul of copyright law.

Brooklyn-based musical duo MGMT have threatened to sue Sarkozy and his conservative UMP party over misuse of the band's electro-hippie anthem "Kids" at a party rally in January, as well as on two videos available on the party's Web site."
If the report is to be believed, Sarkozy's party, on learning of the infringement, transcended irony, crashing wholesale into hypocrisy by effectively telling the music group's representatives to get lost.

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