Friday, March 27, 2009

EU Parliament report rejects 3 strikes

Via Michael Geist on Twitter European Parliament Rejects Three Strikes and You're Out Approach

I see Slashdot has picked it up too. The report is available at the europa website. Michael Geist says:
"The key paragraph states that the Parliament recommends that the European Council:

proceed to the adoption of the directive on criminal measures aimed at the enforcement of intellectual property rights, following an assessment, in the light of contemporary innovation research, of the extent to which it is necessary and proportionate, and while simultaneously prohibiting, in pursuit of that purpose, the systematic monitoring and surveillance of all users’ activities on the Internet, and ensuring that the penalties are proportionate to the infringements committed; within this context, also respect the freedom of expression and association of individual users and combat the incentives for cyber-violations of intellectual property rights, including certain excessive access restrictions placed by intellectual property holders themselves;

While this is a mouthful, it is noteworthy that the Parliament emphasizes proportionality, the rejection of Internet monitoring, and the use of excessive access restrictions placed by IP rights holders."

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