Monday, January 12, 2009

Lessig on the Colbert Report

Larry Lessig was on the Colbert Report on Thursday.

Entertaining. I liked the glint of understanding in Colbert's eyes when Lessig asked him how much did he think the book he was holding would fetch on eBay now he'd doctored it. He also gave Larry an opportunity to get on his side by joining in the joke he was repeatedly pushing that he (Colbert) and he alone should benefit from the funds flowing from copyright. Larry didn't pick up the opening but it's easier said than done. Engaging in instant witty repartee, especially when your protagonist is pursuing in the kind of relentless barrage that Colbert specialises in is not one of my talents either - constructing the perfect response in my own head 10 seconds or 3 hours too late is more my line.

The EFF has also located a re-mix of the interview done by a fan on the night. Larry also has a collection.

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