Wednesday, November 19, 2008

MP loses cash over 'rude' blog

From the BBC, apparently a Labour MP, Paul Flynn, has lost some of his parliamentary allowances because he called some of his Westminster colleagues rude names on his blog.

"A Labour MP says he has been stripped of a Parliamentary allowance for making fun of other MPs on his blog.

Paul Flynn was told to remove posts including ones calling ex-Labour minister Peter Hain a "shapeshifter" and Lib Dem MP Lembit Opik a "clown".

When Mr Flynn refused he had part of his communications allowance removed.

Other MPs have complained of the Commons trying to "censor" their blogs but the authorities say there are rules on using public money for "propaganda".

MPs voted last year to give themselves a £10,000 allowance to spend on boosting the public understanding of Parliament through websites and other publicity material.

They were warned that they would not be allowed to use the money to publish political "propaganda" on their websites. "

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