Monday, October 06, 2008


The excellent InSITE Service of the Cornell Law Library has pointed me at

"FOIAnet: Freedom of Information Advocates Network

FOIAnet--the Freedom of Information Advocates
Network--is an international organization
dedicated to the principle that the "right of
access to information is an important human
right, necessary for the enjoyment of other human
rights," and that the "right to information is
essential for transparent and accountable
government." For U.S. researchers, FOIAnet
provides an international perspective on a right
in most cases taken for granted in the United
States. The site is clearly intended for
activists (i.e., an "Experts" tab exists solely
to invite submissions of new information on how
to acquire government-held information in
different countries) and its greatest potential
usefulness for researchers and citizens lies in
the "Members" tab, which lists constituent NGOs
in different countries around the world, and
under "Resources" where are listed procedural
guides to laws in various countries regarding
citizens' right to obtain government information.
Regrettably, the "News" tab does not seem to
function and the "Projects" page only lists
activities for the annual Right to Know Day, held
on September 28 each year. No search engine is
available but the site is, at present, quite limited in scope. [JPC]"

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