Thursday, June 26, 2008

Nu labour cheer whilst pm hums

I don't think Simon Carr is too keen on our esteemed Prime Minister.

"Day by day it's harder to pay attention to the PM. He sounds like the air-conditioning. But if you think about something else you can stop hearing the drone after a time...

Gordon's every answer is a triple as he has to do three things. 1) show that whatever it is, it's not his fault, 2) that the Government is doing things, and 3) the Tories are wrong...

There's another factor: if we can't understand him, he thinks, we'll blame ourselves and credit him with superior intelligence. Is that how it works for you? Me neither. He knows he's boring but he equates that with sober government. We equate it with twisted, paranoid drivel offered up as a dialogue of the deaf."

"Dialogue of the deaf" - you've got to like that one.

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