Tuesday, February 19, 2008

ICO: Data-breach spate 'no worse' than normal

From ZDNet:


The Information Commissioner's Office has said that the rash of data-breach reports in the past five months is due not to more data breaches, but to more people admitting to them.

HM Revenue & Customs' loss of 25 million details of people claiming and receiving child benefit was the catalyst for a surge of data-loss reports, an ICO spokesperson told ZDNet.co.uk on Friday.

"More people are stepping forward as they realise the importance of data breaches," said the spokesperson. "We don't think the situation is any worse. Back in July last year we highlighted the need for more data protection."

The ICO released its annual report in July 2007, which criticised "horrifying" security lapses at some of the UK's largest companies."

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