Thursday, January 17, 2008

Yet another Uk anti terror bill on the way

I heard the Home Secretary on the radio this morning and the UK government are planning yet more anti terrorism legislation.

"In order to ensure that crimes of terror are prevented, and that those who attempt to commit those acts go to prison, the government has substantially increased funding for police and counter-terrorism.

To ensure that police and security services have the powers they need to fight back against the threat of terrorism, the government will soon introduce a counter-terrorism bill that gives them new legal rights.

Included in that act will be new or expanded powers related to:

  • gathering and sharing information about terrorist suspects
  • post-charge questioning of suspects
  • tougher sentencing for offences tied in to terrorism
  • the seizure and forfeiture of terrorist cash, property and other assets"
It doesn't say it in the Home Office press release about the speech but she emphasised her desire to have educational institutions inform the authorities of and crack down on unacceptable or extremist views.

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