Saturday, January 12, 2008

Did Hilary really win New Hampshire?

From CounterPunch: Did Hilary really win New Hampshire?

Dennis Kucinich has filed a formal request for a recount of the machine ballots cast in the New Hampshire primary since there is some circumstantial evidence that they didn't work properly i.e. the outcome was substantially different to what the pollsters were predicting. If I had any confidence at all in evoting technology I'd probably be rubbishing the requst for a recount and sarcastically suggesting we just avoid the problem of going to the polls at all and just go by what the polling houses say. But as Prof. Doug Jones says, although there is no direct evidence available yet - no smoking gun - that anything has gone wrong, "the Diebold machines are vulnerable to viruses that can be spread through the machines by the PCMCIA memory cards, and there are other things that can go wrong too." As the good professor says, and he should know as one of the world's leading experts in evoting, it would help the process enormously "if they had a routine random audit procedure in New Hampshire."

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