Saturday, December 15, 2007

Mark Thomas wants Gordon Brown jailed for demonstrating in Parliament Square

Mark Thomas wants help to put Gordon Brown in jail, for breaking his own law against demonstrating in Partliament Square. In fairness, though, I guess it was his predecessor who insisted on rushing the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act through parliament in 2005 because he was fed up with Brian Haw shouting at him through a megaphone from Parliament Square (See Taking Liberties Since 1997, starting at page 36 for a nice description of the story).

"If MPs pass ridiculous laws to limit our freedom, they should be forced to abide by them too

Mark Thomas
Thursday December 13, 2007
The Guardian

Rarely do first lines have the potential to cost thousands of pounds (outside of libel), and rarely do I get to write words quite like those that follow; so forgive me an over-dramatic opening sentence, but yesterday lawyers acting for me started an attempt to get Gordon Brown into the dock.

With lawyers and police working on the ongoing Donorgate inquiries, Downing Street can be quite crowded if you are trying to bring a legal action. Nonetheless, my lawyers delivered a letter to the director of public prosecutions yesterday afternoon calling for an urgent investigation into allegations that the prime minister broke the law by demonstrating unlawfully in Parliament Square last summer. If found guilty he could face 50 weeks in prison - though, after serving 10 years at No 11, he should do his bird with ease."

I do like his brand of serious humour.

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