Monday, November 05, 2007

State AG blocks RIAA bandwagon

For the first time, it seems, a state Attorney General has stepped in front of the RIAA lawsuit bandwagon and said no, they are not entitled to the identities of students suspected of music file sharing just because they want to know them.

"In Arista v. Does 1-17, a new ex parte case to get discovery from the University of Oregon about the identities of its students, the Oregon Department of Justice has made a motion, on behalf of the University of Oregon, to quash the subpoena obtained by the RIAA.

This is the first such motion of which we are aware that has been made by the university itself, rather than by the students.

It is also the first instance of which we are aware of a State Attorney General bringing a motion to quash an RIAA subpoena.

The motion papers of the Attorney General argue that it is impossible to identify the alleged infringers from the information the RIAA has presented"

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