Friday, November 30, 2007

PlayStations not to blame for UK reading difficulties

Martin Samuels at the Times thinks education secretary Ed Balls is wrong to blame the poor reading performance of Uk children on computer games.

Whilst I agree to the extent that it is not down to gaming, the thought that teachers in classrooms of thirty plus kids, each with a variety of developmental and educational needs (er... 30+ or so) can cure the nation's reading problems, is a little naive, especially when those teachers and the schools they work in are so constrained by government targets.

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Jeremy said...

I for one am unhappy at any attempt to split the single European market into profitable little micro-domains under the guise of IP protection. This isn't a piracy issue, for goodness' sake. Allowing DRM systems to segmentise national markets and accepting the notion that DVDs and games can be used only in certain zones, irrespective of their lawwful purchase, are symptoms of the same disease.