Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Nurse sacked over press interview

Mark Steel has a sadly unsurprising tale to tell in the Independent today, You can't go round telling people you've been sacked.

A nurse has been sacked for
  • speaking to the press about 24 mental health patients being kept in 20 beds,
  • for telling people, after she had been suspended, that she had been suspended
  • for telling people she was innocent
  • for allowing the press to print misleading statements about her case.
No you could not make it up.

You know I stood during the silence on Remembrance Day observations on Sunday and thought about the sacrifice that all those people have made for this country and others - including, only weeks ago, a young man, originally based locally, killed in Iraq, leaving behind his wife pregnant with their first child - and I asked myself if they would now consider that sacrifice worthwhile, for a country
I could go on but it is way too depressing. Yet I still have to believe the sacrifice of those killed in war has to have been worth it. My younger son is really interested in the Second World War at the moment and he has concluded that war and wars "are just so stupid, dad... there were much better ways to fix those things..." My kids and their friends are a lot smarter than me and hopefully they will have the confidence, the perseverance and the strength to use those 'better ways'.

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