Sunday, November 18, 2007

DHS delay Real ID implementation; EU get into the PNR business

Also via EPIC:

"The Department of Homeland Security has announced major changes to the
planned REAL ID national identification system. The original deadline
for implementation was 2008, but has been pushed back to 2013. Now, DHS
may delay implementation until 2018 and may significantly reduce the
requirements set out in draft regulations released in March of 2007.
EPIC and others have repeatedly detailed security and privacy problems
with the system that creates a national ID database and imposes federal
responsibilities upon state agencies that have neither the trained
employees nor the resources to fulfill these responsibilities. The final
regulations, originally to be released in September of 2007, have yet to
be published. Congress is debating legislation to repeal the national
identification scheme."


"The European Commission has unveiled a proposal to establish a passenger
name records (PNR) system similar to that of the US. The European PNR
system would require PNR data for all flights entering or departing the
European Union. The data will be processed for the purpose of carrying
out a risk assessment of passengers' "threat levels," in order to assist
in terrorism and organized crime investigations. Air carriers already
have an obligation to communicate Advance Passenger Information to
Member States for the purpose of fighting illegal immigration. The new
scheme increased the amount of data required, and the purposes for which
it will be used.

EU PNR Proposal Press Release:

EPIC's page on EU-US Passenger Data Disclosure:"

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