Thursday, October 04, 2007

US call for resignation of WIPO DG

Earlier this week, the US effectively called for the resignation of WIPO Director General, Kamil Idris. The US Ambassador to the UN, Warren W. Tichenor, outlined in great detail the allegations that have been made against Idris in the WIPO internal auditor's report, then called for him to answer the allegations publicly or resign.

"· The report that is the subject of this discussion, WIPO Internal Audit Report IAOD/INV/2006/2, has been available, in accordance with the WIPO Audit Charter, to all member states since it was issued in November 2006, 11 months ago.

· The report concludes that Director General made false statements on his original application for employment at WIPO and in official submissions thereafter and in so doing appears to violated both this organization's Staff Rules and Regulations and the principles I have just cited – those which govern the conduct of international civil servants.

· The report reveals that during the period 1982 to 2006, Director General used at least two different birth dates, one for employment purposes at WIPO and the other for personal purposes.

· The report also concludes that Director General knew since filing his original application for employment with WIPO in 1982 that the birth date reflected on this document was incorrect.

· The report states that notwithstanding Director General's admission that he was aware of the inconsistencies, and despite the numerous opportunities that presented themselves to rectify this error, he failed to rectify the discrepancies...

· To the Director General we say: clearly and convincingly answer the allegations against you in open forum in this General Assembly before Member States, or heed those calling for new leadership at WIPO."

Update: The Canadian Press has a brief report on the row.

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