Monday, October 15, 2007

Scottish entitlement card a deception

NO2ID Edinburgh coordinator, John Anthony Welford, has written a 12 page report accusing the Scottish Executive of covertly introducing a national identity card, the so-called Scottish National Entitlement Card (SNEC), in Scotland last year.

"Last year national identity cards were reintroduced into the United Kingdom for the first time in fifty four years. The subject of identity cards is always a controversial one for the British, and so it is surprising that their reintroduction was given almost no publicity and met with minimal opposition. The reason for this is quite simple - nobody was told about it. What happened is that the elderly and disabled citizens of Scotland were invited to apply for a new kind of travel card. But unbeknown to them, what they were subsequently issued with was not a travel card, but a multipurpose identity card. Moreover, this card and its associated centralised database are so intrusive that they would not today be permitted by law in Germany. The present paper outlines the nature of this ‘Trojan Horse’ identity cards project and the wholesale systematic deception which it involved."

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