Monday, October 22, 2007

More electronic surveillance of children

The good folks at ARCH have pointed me to another crazy child surveillance story.

"From the Times this morning:

Children are being tracked by micro-chips embedded in their uniforms in a trial at a secondary school.

The devices are used to monitor pupils’ movements and register their arrival in class on the teacher’s computer. Supply teachers can also be alerted if a student is likely to misbehave.

The chip connects with teachers’ computers to show a photograph of the pupil, data about academic performance and whether he or she is in the correct classroom."

It's also worth pointing out on this score that ARCH have created an eCAF (electronic Common Assessment Framework) Alert page to as a central point of contact for practitioners to share their experiences and/or concerns about eCAF as it gets rolled out" across children's services and agencies.

It has become clear that there is no independent, confidential route for practitioners’ views and observations to be collected and analysed.

This site aims to provide such a mechanism for anyone working in the children's sector who has any comment to make about eCAF implementation and use.

If you would like to send us your views on eCAF, you can

leave us a message by clicking here

email us at

phone us on 020 8558 9317"

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