Friday, July 06, 2007

Cameron: Term extension in exchange for being nice

The Register has a nice take on David Cameron's offer to the BPI earlier this week to extend the term of copyright in sound recordings in exchange for censoring artists who the Tory leader believes promote anti-social behavior through their music.

"A Tory government would only make the necessary representations in Europe if the industry agreed to invest in projects which further his take on what a healthy society should be. Speaking directly to middle England, he fingered family breakdown, rates of teenage pregnancy, rates of substance abuse and rates of criminal activity as symptoms of popular culture's demonic influence on The Kids...

Riffing on the current music scene, Cameron said: "It's an anti-learning culture where it's cool to bunk off, it's cool to be bad, it's cool not to try." Modern beat combos of the 1950s obviously weren't required listening at Eton."

You know Cameron gets more like Blair every day.

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