Friday, May 25, 2007

Reid to suspend what's left of civil rights

Following the loss of three terrorist suspects, John Reid wants to suspend the remains of human rights laws in the UK. He thinks the reason he lost track of these three, who were subject to restrictive control orders and police and security services surveillance, is that the stupid liberal opposition parties have whinged about his attempts to introduce more and more draconian abusive laws superficially targetted at the war on terror.

The Independent has a terrific cartoon on its editorial page today which sums up what every rational person's response should be - revulsion at his fear mongering rhetoric. It features Dr Reid with a hand held behind his back and lady Justice on her knees, gagged and blindfolded, her hands and legs bound behind her in chains, being kicked in the face by the aforementioned complainant, who is grumbling "It's ridiculous.....ah'm havin' t' fight wi' one hand tied behind ma back"

I'm hoping, though not expecting, that the incoming Brown regime may find a new respect for democracy and civil liberties and clean out the thuggery that has infested the Home Office in the Blair years.

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